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Pressure Vessel Design

FlexEJ uses Solid Works to design with the Finglow suite for calculations. We've years of experience working with customers to design and engineer the optimum package.

For examples of our work please visit Gallery and select Pressure Vessels in the drop-down menu.

Material traceability and NDT are managed through a specially developed database which integrates with our business system for instant reporting and indexing/retrieval of certification -ready for the manufacturing data book.

Our engineers can customize for a wide range of internals including filters, strainers, de-misters, separators, heaters and silencers. Process Vessels, Reactor Vessels, Filter Housings and Surge Tanks are common applications.

FlexEJ regularly obtains design approvals from various inspection agencies such as Lloyds, DNV and RSA.

Alternatively, FlexEJ offers build-to-print where the code calculation has been completed by others and the design envelope exists or we can take concept drawings forward to full manufacturing designs.